Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting the Minimally
Invasive Way to Rejuvenate Your Skin

At Cosmeticoplasty, we use fat grafting also known as autologous fat transfer or fat injections, to transfer fat from one area of your body to
another, to restore volume, reduce creases and improve the contour. Our aim is to improve or augment the region where the fat is injected. It
is a minimally invasive surgery that has captivated attention not only due to its aesthetic capabilities, but also because of its regenerative
properties. We provide the best fat grafting in Lahore to offer you a safe, natural and lasting solution for a more youthful appearance.

Understanding our
Procedures of Fat Grafting

The major perk of fat transfer is that it is giving you a two for one deal here; getting rid of fat where you don’t want it and adding it to where you
do want it. This is also the main reason why fat transfer procedures are on the rise. It’s a natural way of creating volume instead of having a
foreign substance in your body, which reduces your risk of rejection or allergic reaction and the results are long lasting. We perform the fat
grafting in following 3 steps

Fat grafting


The first step we take in fat grafting is to extract the fat from the
donor site which is usually abdomen or thighs. We collect fat cells via
liposuction, this gives you the extra benefit of removing excess fat at
the donor site and enjoy a slimmer waistline in addition to skin


After collecting the fat cells, we purify the extracted fat using
centrifugation to remove debris, dead cells and
impurities and prepare for injection.


Lastly, we carefully inject the purified fat into the area that needs
improvement using a small hypodermic needle.


Fat grafting is an outpatient procedure and we usually perform it
under local anesthesia. Recovery time is short and most patients
return to their normal lives right away. It is one of the most safe and
effective procedure and at Cosmeticoplasty we provide the best fat
grafting in Lahore to add volume for natural looking and long lasting

Corrective Fat Grafting Procedures

We use fat grafting for both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. The regenerative characteristic in fat transfer is basically due to high
concentration of mesenchymal Signature facial rejuvenation in the adipose tissue because it is a much more prolific source for mesenchymal Signature facial rejuvenation
then bone marrow. We perform reconstructive fat transfer procedure in many cases including;

Radiation Damage

We use fat cells to reduce or prevent radiotherapy related toxicity and damage, because the Signature facial rejuvenation in your fat have angiogenic, anti
apoptosis and multi potent cellular properties that promote healing. We also use fat grafting to reconstruct breast tissue after mastectomy so
you can fully enjoy your victory against breast cancer.

Breast Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a very common complication of breast augmentation and reconstruction. It is a response of immune system to
foreign materials causing chronic pain, tightness and asymmetry. Our Fat grafting procedure is a promising treatment for the correction of
breast capsular contractures.

Post Traumatic Deformities

We successfully use fat grafting in repairing damage to your soft tissues that might have occurred as a result of an injury, accident, burn,
trauma etc. It is a powerful tool in correcting post traumatic deformities and ensuring long term results.

Treating Scars

Fat grafting is very effective in treating retractile and painful scars that have compromised your daily normal activities and joint mobility. We
use this approach in scars with different origins including burns, trauma, chemicals, thermal, acne, or post-surgical scars. We ensure
improvement in both aesthetic and functional entity and also the treated areas can regain characteristics similar to normal skin.

Burn Injuries

We use this technique to improve healing in burn wounds. It results in faster appearance of healthy tissue and reduction of wound surface
area. The nature of fat grafts is remarkable as it shows incredible healing powers and provides the solution to the problems found inside the

Congenital Anomalies

Congenital anomalies are medically diagnosed conditions that are present from birth and significantly deviate from the common structure or function of the body. We use structural fat transfer in facial anomalies to place fat exactly where it is needed to shape the skull and face. We
correct several congenital anomalies using this technique for restoration of contour deformity and to improve tissue characteristics including;

Cleft lip and palate

Craniofacial microsomia

Treacher Collins syndrome

Atrophy anomalies


Congenital breast hypoplasia etc

Cosmetic Fat Grafting Procedures

Cosmetic procedures are inclining towards less invasive and more natural methods as they continue to improve. Fat
grafting is an excellent example of this shift. At Cosmeticoplasty, we provide the best fat grafting in Lahore to
rejuvenate your aesthetic appearance and give you more natural-looking results.

Fat grafting


We restore youthful appearance by adding volume to hollowed or wrinkled area such as sunken eyes, hollow cheeks, thin lips chin, laugh lines etc to improve the facial profile and texture of the skin.

Fat grafting


At Cosmeticoplasty, we perform fat grafting to enhance the breast size and reshape your physique.

Fat grafting

and Feet

We perform fat grafting at hands and feet to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your appearance.

Fat grafting

Butt lift

We provide Brazilian butt lift to augment the buttocks size and contour your figure.

Let’s Iron Out Those Wrinkles Using Fat Grafting

With the natural and beautiful process of aging also comes not so wanted wrinkles and lines that may end up making you feel older than you actually are. At Cosmeticoplasty we provide you with the best fat grafting in Lahore to get rid of those wrinkles and achieve a more natural and smooth skin. It is a low risk and minimally invasive surgery that can dramatically improve the hollow and aged appearance of the face with long lasting results. In the skillful and qualified hands of Dr. Mustehsan Bashir we ensure you the best outcome and improved skin in no time.


Why go for fat grafting?

Fat grafting gives the added benefit of enhancing one area and slimming down the other. It uses your own body’s fat to enhance the areas that lack the volume to improve your contours for a more natural appearance. Since your own fat is used in this procedure, the risk of tissue rejection or reaction is minimal.

How is the fat taken from the body?

Fat tissue is removed from other parts of your body such as thighs, abdomen, and buttocks through liposuction.

How many fat grafting sessions needed to achieve the desired results?

It depends on the procedure; for instance, one session is usually enough in facial procedures, although a second session can also prove beneficial. But to fill in scars, or in case of breast reconstruction or augmentation, 2-4 sessions may be required, depending upon the need for additional volume.

What type of anesthesia is used during the fat grafting procedure?

For a minor procedure like facial fat grafting, local anesthesia can be used. But in the case of extensive procedures such as breast augmentation, general anesthesia is used.

How long does the fat grafting procedure take?

It can take about one to five hours, depending on where it is being performed. Fat grafting on a small area like lips can take about one hour, and a large area like buttock augmentation can take about four to five hours.

Which parts of the body respond well to fat grafting?

All areas of your body respond well to fat grafting except the lips and laugh lines. You may be required to undergo more than one session to get the desired result in these areas.

What role does fat grafting play in breast reconstruction?

In breast cancer surgery, partial or complete removal of single or both breasts is required. However, this loss of breast tissue can be successfully and effectively restored by fat grafting that can increase the breast size by a full cup per session and achieve the total breast reconstruction with natural results.

What is facial fat grafting?

With time and aging, you lose facial volume, and your face becomes sunken and smaller. Facial fat grafting restores lost facial volume to smooth lines, wrinkles, creases and offers a more youthful appearance. Commonly used in the lips, under the eyes, temples, hollow cheeks, and the lines going from the corner of your mouth towards the nose.

Can fat grafting remove acne scars?

Fat grafting is effective in treating contour defects that are caused by scarring due to acne. It is very helpful in removing the pits, correcting the skin irregularities, recovering the smoothness, and also slowly improving the pigmentation.

Which is better to remove wrinkles, fat grafting, or fillers?

Both of these procedures provide effective management of wrinkles; you should go for fillers if you want immediate and short-term results because the results of fillers last for about 6-12 months. However, if you can spare time for the recovery period and prefer long-lasting results, then fat grafting is the best choice.

How long does it take to recover after the fat grafting procedure?

It takes almost two weeks for swelling and bruising to settle; most people are able to return to their work after 7-10 days. You should expect to be completely recovered after 4-6 weeks of your fat grafting procedure and return to your normal routine.

What should you not do after fat grafting?

You cannot sit, sleep or rest directly on the grafted site and avoid any activity or movement that can put direct pressure on it for at least two weeks. Avoid any strenuous exercises, massage, and weight training as well.

How long do the results of fat grafting last?

Your own fat is moved from one place to another, and when it is transferred to a new place, it lives there permanently, securing the results of fat grafting for a lifetime.

When to consider fat grafting?

You should consider fat grafting if you want to achieve skin rejuvenation and enhance volume anywhere on your body, such as the face, breasts, hands, feet, etc. Or if you have smaller or asymmetrical breasts and are looking to balance or enhance the size.