Our Health and Safety Policy for Our Patients

The health safety policy makes our surgical or non-surgical services unique. These factors make the Cosmeticoplasty distinct from other cosmetic surgical centre.


Your Safety Matters: Our Commitment to Ensuring a Secure Plastic Surgery

Every surgery holds immense importance, whether emergency, urgent, scheduled, or elective. The important aspect considered in all these surgeries is patient safety. Safe surgery is performed while considering all the precautionary measures to make it successful. So, patient safety is directly linked to it. And with greater use of technologies, medicines, and treatments, the procedure is becoming more complex. Thus, the significant factors to avoid during the surgery are: surgical errors that require the surgeon’s and his team’s attention. And to know whether you are being treated rightly, the first step is to become a learned patient/consumer.


Our Dedication to Patient Safety and Well-being

Therefore, read about patient safety and wise choices you need to make about your surgeon and the provided facilities. Such as the right equipment, risk factors, pre-post-surgery care, procedure, confidentiality, and contentment.


Right surgical equipment:

The correct surgical tool plays a significant role in surgical procedures. An experienced and skillful surgeon depends upon them to function, and proper surgical equipment is vital for a successful surgery. However, many cosmetic surgeons claim to be experts by exhibiting inspiring credentials. However, they should be aware of the right tools during the surgery. And selecting a suitable surgical instrument requires a lot of knowledge.

Moreover, the hygiene of surgical tools is equally essential because negligence about cleanliness may put a person’s life in danger. Operating with low-quality surgical equipment may cause infections that can be life-threatening. Therefore, at Cosmeticoplasty, we use high-quality exported equipment for safe surgery.


Risks and Complications

All cosmetic surgeries hold risks, and it is wise to understand them beforehand to minimize or prevent them. The decision of cosmetic surgery is highly personal. So, the patient must decide whether the benefits will outweigh the risks and complications because there is a risk attached to every surgery due to unwanted and unexpected events. And to decrease the chances of any mishap, you must choose an experienced and qualified surgeon who believes in safety as a part of the quality service. Dr. Mustehsan Bashir is a qualified plastic surgeon, and his surgical skills reduces any risk or complications. Therefore, patients ask questions about the procedure and its results and are guided about every detail they should know, as the results are permanent.


Pre-& Post Surgery Care

Pre-surgery care is as essential as post-surgery care. Successful plastic surgery depends on these elements as well. A surgeon and his team who takes care of a patient before surgery promotes safe and successful plastic surgery.

  • It becomes easy for the patient to manage before and after the surgery.
  • These care instructions are a guiding principle of any healthcare specialist.
  • The surgical facility unit at Cosmeticoplasty contacts the person to review the pre-operative instructions before the procedure begins.
  • We also take care of all the necessary post-operative requirements to make the patient feel at ease and give them emotional peace.
  • We also pay special attention to follow-up routines to ensure the complete recovery of patients.


Procedure Details

Knowing the procedure before going into the operation theatre is necessary as it will give a sense of satisfaction to the patient if they are already aware of the results. Moreover, a surgeon explaining the procedure to their patient is highly professional as each individual has different requirements, and knowing the process is necessary. Such as treating one area may require a combination of two to three techniques. When combining plastic surgical procedures, better results are achieved, and costs are also minimized. However, safety is the priority, as prospective patients often need clarification about whether combining different procedures is harmful. And the answer is an experienced surgeon understands what makes reasonable concurrent procedures without sacrificing the safety of their patients.


Facility Standards

The patient’s safety is of prime importance, and as soon as they enter the operating room, they are the responsibility of a surgeon and his team. Henceforth, the facility standards should be professionally planned, adequately briefed, proficiently designed, and swiftly delivered. And they must be maintainable in every respect as an essential part of healthcare service. Therefore, they must comprise the unique needs of healthcare facilities, well-being, safety, privacy, and dignity of patients, staff, and visitors. And these standards are continually reviewed, updated, and expanded to meet the changing trends. Hence, we sincerely focus on providing excellent facilities and putting the utmost effort into meeting medical standards.



The unique feature of our service is “We know how to keep your secrets.” Patients are often concerned that they don’t want to disclose their cosmetic surgery. And we genuinely understand this fact, although there is no shame in having cosmetic surgery. And cosmetic surgery is one of the best ways to feel confident about your appearance. Still, we truly understand your concern and assure the secrecy. So, nobody will get a hint of it after getting your tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, or other types of cosmetic surgeries. Hence, no matter which surgery you opt for, be confident because we will keep your surgery concealed, and privacy during your stay is guaranteed. All conversations, results, and procedures will remain confidential.



The contentment of patients is one of the critical factors in the best healthcare services. It is sustained through flawless quality service. And patient satisfaction is achieved by giving effective service. Therefore, selecting the right cosmetic surgery clinic and a skilled physician is essential to fulfilling the aim of patient satisfaction. Hence, our priority is their contentment with a happy experience while using a cosmetic treatment. Thus, patients care, and contentment is the primary function of our safe surgery list, as it is a standard to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the best healthcare services.


Believe in us, because we care.

Whether you’re visiting us for a checkup or a treatment regimen, the dedicated team of Cosmeticoplasty has the skills and resources to fulfill all your aesthetic goals. So, believe in us because we care for our patients. And our precedence is to make you feel welcomed and at ease. Please book your appointment today; we can’t wait to help you feel better.