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Breast Augmentation In Lahore

breast augmentation in Lahore

Say Hello To The Perfect
Shape by The Best Breast
Augmentation in Lahore

Breast augmentation also called augmentation mammoplasty or
more casually as a boob job, is done to enhance breast size
and shape to match and balance your body contour. At Cosmeticoplasty,
we perform the best breast augmentation in Lahore, Pakistan, to
boost your self-confidence or reconstruct your damaged breast
tissue and redefine beauty for you.

Our procedure for the best
breast augmentation in Lahore

At Cosmeticoplasty, we perform breast augmentation as an
outpatient procedure taking 1-1.5 hours under general anesthesia or
local anesthesia with sedation. After making the incision, we separate
your breast tissue from your muscles and connective tissue of the
chest to create a pocket either behind or in front of the outermost
muscle of the chest. Then we add a breast implant in this pocket and
align it in the center.

Fat Transfer Breast

In autologous breast augmentation, we remove fat through liposuction from your body, most commonly from thighs, buttocks, or lower abdomen, and after processing it, we inject it into your breast to reshape and revitalize your appearance. We provide the best results at Cosmeticoplasty, where excellence blends with experience.

of Incisions

We perform breast augmentation using different types of incisions depending upon patient preferences, body contour, and desired results. After careful examination and discussion with you, we choose the right technique for you to achieve the desired results.


In this procedure, we make the incision in the fold underneath the breast. It allows more direct access for breast implant and its positioning and places the scar in the natural crease of your body, which fades with time.


For trans axillary incision, we make the incision in the underarm to add the breast implant either above or below the muscle.


In this procedure, we make the incision around the nipple-areolar complex, and the scar is not very prominent as it tends to blend in the edge of the areola, giving a smooth finish.


In Transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA), we make an incision inside your belly button. We tunnel an endoscope through this incision into the pocket under the breast and insert the breast implant through this tunnel, then inflate it with saline. This incision can only be used for subglandular saline implants.

Why do You Need The Best
Breast Augmentation in Lahore

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed procedures, and we perform it for both cosmetic and reconstructive reasons. At Cosmeticoplasty, we provide the best breast augmentation in Lahore by enhancing and enriching your looks and ensuring the beauty, proportion, symmetry, and balance.

Enhance your aesthetic appearance

At Cosmeticoplasty, we practice the art of cosmetic surgery to help shape your dreams into reality. A boob job gives a boost to not only your chest but also to your confidence and makes you look younger and energetic. We adopt a meticulous approach towards natural results to enhance your beauty because there is no better time than now to look and feel fantastic in your skin.


Mastectomy is performed in order to remove the breast tissue either to cut out the breast cancer or to prevent its spread, and it can disfigure your contour. We can use breast implants to restore your breast’s natural and fuller contour so that you can fully enjoy your victory against cancer.

Weight loss

After significant weight loss, some women lose the contour and volume of their breasts. We can restore the breasts to their natural shape and size so you can achieve your desired silhouette.


Many women have asymmetrical breasts, and their breasts are not of the same size or shape. We can balance it out for you and reshape it according to your desire because we provide beauty with care.


At Cosmeticoplasty, we understand your struggle to maintain the post pregnancy figure, and we can help you with the decrease volume and elasticity in your chest and restore your aesthetic appearance so that you can fully experience the greatest joy of your life without worrying about your figure.

Tuberous Breasts

It is a congenital abnormality in which one or both breasts fail to develop completely and fully, leading to a more underdeveloped appearance. We are more than equipped to correct the tuberous breasts using breast implants or fat transfer procedures to give you the shape you desire.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast tissue can get damaged as a result of trauma, accidents, blunt injury, or disease, and in some cases, partial or complete removal of breast tissue is required leaving you with a flat or uneven shape. At Cosmeticoplasty, we can restore the natural appearance of your chest using a breast implant for even and fuller results.

Factors to Consider for the
Best Breast Augmentation in Lahore

Size of implants

We have breast implants in different sizes to perform a boob job. Breast implants are measured in cc and most commonly are present in between 200cc-600cc. The right size for you depends upon your physique, preference, and need. You can try on different sizers in order to make the right decision. We help you look and feel your very best because we practice beauty, and our specialty is you.

Types of Implant

We choose the right shape for you according to your individualized anatomy and needs. We have two options for the shape of breast implants:

  • Teardrop; a teardrop implant looks oval when viewed
    from the front, and when observed from the side, it can be
    seen that it have more volume in the bottom than on top,
    giving it a heavy bottom appearance. This implant is
    used for a more natural-looking shape.
  • Round shape; these implants have a symmetrical round
    shape and are used for a fuller appearance to enhance
    your looks and redefine you.

Types of Implant

Depending upon the material of the implant, we have two types of breast implants:

  • Silicone Implants; are made of silicone gel to give a
    natural and firm feel.
  • Saline Implants: are filled with sterile saline and are filled
    after placing the implant in its position.

Surface of Implant

We have breast implants with two types of surfaces;

  • Smooth surface
  • Textured surface
breast augmentation in Lahore

Go Confident with the Best
Breast Augmentation in Lahore.

Due to age, time, and lifestyle, your body goes through several changes, and many of these changes are not what you want. Decreased breast volume and elasticity is one of these changes, we know you cannot go back in time to reverse these changes, but we do have the solution for your problems. At Cosmeticoplasty, we use breast implants to restore the youthful appearance of your breasts and reshape the symmetry, volume, and size. Dr. Mustehsan Bashir is one of the leading cosmetic and plastic surgeons, and he performs the best breast augmentation in Lahore, Pakistan, to refresh your image because the best of you is what he do!


Why is breast augmentation done?

Breast augmentation or boob job can help you with

  • Enhance your appearance if you think your breast size is small or one is smaller than the other.
  • Adjust the reduced appearance of your breast size after pregnancy and significant weight loss
  • Correct uneven breasts after breast surgery for other conditions

Improve your self-confidence

What is the difference between a breast lift and breast augmentation?

Breast lift is designed to lift and change the shape of your breasts, whereas, in breast augmentation, the size of your breast is enhanced with the help of breast implants or fat transfer. Oftentimes both procedures are performed together to achieve the desired contour.

Do you need a breast lift with your breast augmentation procedure?

This question is better answered after an in-person examination as many factors are taken into account while deciding, such as

  • Nipple position; if your nipple position is below your breast fold, then only adding implants won’t help, and you’ll end up with a nipple pointing downward off your implant; getting a breast lift will be helpful. On the other hand, if your nipple is at, just above or above your breast fold, you may not require a breast lift, and you may do just fine with getting implants alone.
  • Breast tissue position; if most of your breast tissue lies below the fold (pseudo ptosis), you will need a breast lift to get the best shape.
  • Breast skin quality; if you have stretched and loose breast skin, getting a breast lift in addition to implants will give you the best results.

What is the position of the scars associated with breast augmentation?

Experienced plastic surgeons do everything possible to minimize the scars. There are multiple ways to perform breast augmentation, and it depends on how much the breast tissue needs to be moved. The scars resulting from breast augmentation can be located on;

  • Under your arm
  • Around the nipple
  • Round the nipple and down the front

All the way around the nipple, then down the front and underneath the breast

What does the recovery process look like after breast augmentation surgery?

It is a one to two-hour-long surgery, and you can go home the same day. You can expect to be up and walking after a few hours of your surgery. You can return to work within three to four days. You can start light exercise after two to three weeks, and for more rigorous activities, you have to wait until almost six weeks.

What is the difference between smooth surface and textured surface breast implants? 

A smooth breast implant has a thin and polished shell which helps it to give a soft and natural look. It tends to move around freely like natural breast tissue. Whereas textured implants have a thick shell that helps them create a firmer feel, they do not move around freely. Smooth implants are frequently used, but textured implants are needed in other cases to achieve the desired look. You can reach the right decision after an in-person examination and discussion with your plastic surgeon. The type of breast implant that works for you depends upon how you want your breast to look and feel.

Which is better fat transfer or implants for breast augmentation? 

Fat transfer for breast augmentation is a natural and advanced way of enhancing breast size. If you have spare fat on your hips, thighs or abdomen, you are a good candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation. Fat transfer can be a good choice if you want a mild to moderate increase in your size, approximately about ½ to 1 cup size and would like to avoid having breast implants. However, if you are looking for more than one cup size increase, breast implants are a more reliable and consistent procedure.

What is the influence of breast augmentation on breastfeeding? 

It is a very common misconception that breast augmentation interferes with breastfeeding. During the procedure, considerable care is taken to ensure that milk ducts are not disturbed; therefore, breast augmentation will not have an impact on your ability to breastfeed, and you will be able to breastfeed normally after your surgery.

What is the effect of pregnancy on breast augmentation?

The hormones and weight fluctuations during pregnancy will potentially increase your breast size. When those hormones go away, your breast tissue may or may not shrink down; in either case, you will continue to enjoy the fantastic results of your breast augmentation.

How long do the results of breast augmentation last? 

Breast implants are not meant to last forever, but they don’t have a specific lifespan. While no one can speculate with absolute certainty how long the results of breast implants will last but generally, the results last for 15 to 20 years. Also, you can take steps to maintain your results for as long as possible such as;

  • Staying out of the sun
  • Maintaining a stable weight
  • Not smoking, etc.