Medical Tourism For Plastic Surgery

Traveling to another nation to get medical treatment, known as “medical tourism”, is a growing business in the healthcare market worldwide. The rising need for high-quality medical treatment and procedures like cosmetic surgery has contributed to its rapid expansion in recent years. This has led to a rise in the popularity of medical tourism for plastic surgery, which combines the desire for cosmetic surgery with the appeal of a foreign destination. Cosmeticoplasty is one of Pakistan’s best spots for medical tourism to get high-quality and cost-effective cosmetic surgery.


The development of international
tourism for cosmetic surgery

The willingness of individuals throughout the globe to travel great distances for medical care has increased dramatically during the last two decades. The skyrocketing popularity of cosmetic surgery and the vast price gaps between medical systems worldwide have given rise to medical tourism for plastic surgery. Patients may now research healthcare providers all over the globe, comparing price, quality, and availability, all thanks to the general availability of the Internet and other forms of digital information storage and retrieval.

Benefits of travelling
abroad for plastic surgery

Several considerations motivate people to go abroad
for cosmetic surgery:


The financial benefits of cosmetic surgery tourism are a significant
draw for patients. When it comes to surgical operations, patients
may often save as much as 70% without sacrificing care.

Therefore, it’s essential to note the significance of the price in this
choice. In the United States, for instance, the price of a tummy tuck
might range from $6,000. This does not include the cost
of anaesthesia or hospitalization. However, you can get affordable
tummy tuck surgery abroad. Because of these savings, medical
tourism may be a reasonable alternative for many people.

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Latest medical technology

Some nations are leaders in medical technology, and their citizens may benefit from access to advanced treatment options such as specialized clinics and hospitals.

There are numerous cosmetic operations for which various countries have become world-famous. Several of these surgeons’ credentials, recognized worldwide, ensure high standards of care and individual protection. The increasing number of Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospitals worldwide is another factor that encourages people to travel great distances to seek medical care.

Immediate Care

Medical tourism may shorten the time patients wait for elective surgery in nations with lengthy waiting lists. The growing globalization of healthcare, spurred by rising standards and getting the best possible care, is shown by the popularity of medical tourism for surgical treatments.

Researching medical tourism may open the door to reasonably priced, internationally accessible cosmetic surgery. It’s possible that specific treatments aren’t accessible in one’s nation but are in another. Access to these types of care is possible through medical tourism.


Cosmetic surgery abroad provides patients with the anonymity they may not be able to have at home. Patients seeking medical tourism for cosmetic surgery may benefit from the secrecy and caution of travelling abroad. The promise of anonymity makes this an appealing option. Plastic surgery overseas may be the best option if you wish to escape the stares of curious observers at home or work.

The Chance to Travel

One appealing aspect of medical tourism for cosmetic surgery is the possibility of combining medical care with a vacation. Therefore, the possibility of combining surgical treatment with a break is another selling point of medical tourism. It may seem appealing to recuperate following cosmetic surgery in a beautiful setting. In addition, many people like the extra solitude they have when recovering away from home.

Cosmeticoplasty offers complete healthcare services for its national and international patients. The medical staff has been trained worldwide and uses cutting-edge research and equipment to provide excellent treatment. We recognize the value of treating the whole person. We offer comprehensive pre-and post-operative care as part of our medical tourism package for plastic surgery.

The Prospects for Plastic Surgery Tourism in the Future

Medical tourism for cosmetic surgery has a bright future. The sector is expected to continue growing because of factors such as technological progress, an increase in the number of authorized facilities, and better global connection.

However, it is essential to note that medical tourism for plastic surgery is a trend that includes more favourable and a few undesirable aspects. It promises many people the chance to travel while addressing their concerns about price, availability, and wait times. However, before deciding to perform cosmetic surgery in another country, you should thoroughly research the difficulties you may face. Patients may greatly benefit from this rising worldwide trend, which will help define the future of personalized healthcare, provided the necessary research, preparation, and safeguards are taken.

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Cosmeticoplasty – A perfect
destination of medical tourism for
plastic surgery

As an organization, Cosmeticoplasty is committed to creating an inclusive space for people of all backgrounds. Our services reflect long-standing norms of hospitality by providing a friendly, open environment for our clients. With our approach regarding medical tourism for plastic surgery, you may combine your quest for improved health with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the world. Moreover, at Cosmeticoplasty, better international regulation and standardization are offered to guarantee patient safety.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to ensuring that high-quality medical care is affordable for everybody, and we believe that our plans reflect that dedication. We will ensure your safety and success at every stage of your transformational journey. You may put your faith in our hardworking staff, who are passionate about seeing you succeed in gaining the best possible outlook and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Mustehsan – One of the
leading cosmetic surgeons in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to some of the world’s most skilled and experienced plastic surgeons. You may go there to get the attention you need from a doctor. Having access to a qualified cosmetic surgeon and other medical specialists under one roof is a dream come true.

Cosmeticoplasty owns the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Mustehsan Bashir, who is competent enough to address the condition using the most cutting-edge methods available. In addition, he provides the most effective pre and post-operative care in all of Pakistan. Furthermore, he is the company’s namesake and a board-certified plastic surgeon who established the practice. In the academic realm, he excels as a lecturer and researcher. Dr. Mustehsan Bashir specializes in rhinoplasty, liposuction, Gynecomastia Surgery, anti-aging operations, fat grafting, abdominoplasty, etc., surgically and non-surgically.

Dr. Mustehsan Bashir’s plastic and cosmetic surgeon career spans over 16 years. He has made it his mission to provide exceptional medical service. He has committed to bettering his patients’ lives and is actively involved in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Services we are providing to patients
who seek medical tourism for plastic surgery

Medical Tourism
for Liposuction Surgery

Even with an energetic diet and consistent exercise, some individuals may struggle to eliminate stubborn fat in some areas of the body. The excess fat may be removed with liposuction surgery. A surgeon injects a sterile solution into the area to constrict blood vessels. Then he inserts a cannula to suck the fat away from the body. The facelift, breast reduction, and stomach tuck are just a few other procedures that a cosmetic surgeon performs in conjunction with this.

Having to worry about how to lose weight is a problem of the past. In Pakistan, Dr Mustehsan can suction unwanted fat from your body and charge you a reasonable fee. Therefore, we guarantee that Cosmeticoplasty is the best spot for medical tourism
for plastic surgery. Moreover, it will leave you with a reshaped
and contoured physique.

Medical Tourism for
Tummy Tuck Surgery

The trend of “medical tourism,” or travelling abroad to receive medical treatment, has been overgrowing in recent years. Abdominoplasty, more popular as a ‘tummy tuck,’ has become more popular among cosmetic surgery patients, steering in a new era of international cooperation and technological advancement.

Removal of extra fat and skin and repairing divided or weakened abdominal muscles are the goal of tummy tuck surgery. Although there is no one explanation for why so many people are opting to have this procedure performed abroad, many significant variables have made medical tourism an attractive alternative for many. At Cosmeticoplasty, we can help you get a toned stomach by expertly performing a tummy tuck surgery to get rid of extra pounds and skin and tone your abdominal muscles.

Medical Tourism for
Breast Augmentation

The need for aesthetic procedures has been a significant factor in medical tourism, a worldwide healthcare phenomenon characterized by persons travelling across national lines to seek medical care. Breast augmentation is one of the most prevailing plastic surgeries medical tourists seek. A plastic surgeon surgically enhances the breasts’ size, shape, or fullness. Among the many considerations that go into choosing to have this procedure done abroad, cost-effectiveness ranks high.

In Pakistan, women seek breast tightening procedures for aesthetic and functional needs. The skilled and top breast surgeon uses various incision types to install breast implants that are optimal for your process and requirements. Those searching for reasonably priced, high-quality cosmetic operations may find medical tourism for breast augmentation to be an intriguing choice at Cosmeticoplasty. Furthermore, It provides a vivid vision of a global healthcare system that offers patients high-quality treatment at low costs, with the additional perk of a chance to see the world.

Medical Tourism for
Gynecomastia Surgery

Currently, medical tourism for gynecomastia surgery is booming worldwide. Surgery for breast reduction for males involves the removal of additional skin, fat, and tissue from the breasts. During breast reduction surgery, incisions are made around the nipple, continuing downward and over the breast’s bottom. The nipple is elevated after the surgeon removes excess fat and skin.

Breast reduction surgery is also a choice for males with gynecomastia (male breast enlargement). The primary cause of the problem is a hormonal imbalance in males. Other disorders and drugs, however, are also possible contributors. The most effective therapy for gynecomastia in Pakistan is surgery, and you may get it at Cosmeticoplasty, where you’ll find the greatest plastic surgeon. Due to the substantial psychological discomfort that swollen male breasts may bring, it is a need for anybody dealing with the problem.

Medical Tourism for
Rhinoplasty Surgery

To alter the look of one’s nose, cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery (or “nose job”) might be the solution. Nose jobs may be performed purely for cosmetic reasons or to fix functional issues, including birth abnormalities. Therefore, it has become one of the most common plastic surgery that medical tourists seek abroad.

During your medical tourism, the best nose surgeon is the only one who can advise you on whether or not your aspirations for a nose operation are reasonable. No hospitalization is necessary for rhinoplasty after surgery. After giving the patient either local or general anaesthetic, surgeons create incisions in each nostril. The surgeon next reshapes the inner bone and cartilage to improve the patient’s aesthetics. The price tag for rhinoplasty might shift depending on where you go to have it done.

Medical Tourism
for Hair Transplant

According to International Hair Restoration Surgery, hair transplants are rapidly gaining popularity as medical tourism surgery in countries worldwide. It’s worth noting that you can get top-notch hair transplant facilities in many different countries. Unfortunately, in certain nations, they are vastly outnumbered by clinics that have sprung up to cash in on the trend by offering inexpensive pricing and assured outcomes for a bit of money-lay. As a result, medical tourism for hair transplants is the best opportunity for individuals looking for reasonable procedures.

You may stop wasting money on pricey and ineffective hair essentials and other home treatments. If you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning, a hair transplant is an excellent, long-lasting option that won’t disappoint you. Cosmeticoplasty is proud to provide the finest hair transplant in Pakistan, catered specifically to each patient’s unique requirements for enhancing their appearance and regaining their confidence. Our hair transplant expert will care for you and ensure you’re happy
with the results.

Enhance your life and plan
medical tourism for plastic surgery

One of the most popular medical tourism procedures in cosmetic surgery is a way to help people feel more confident about their appearance. Everyone wants to look better, and now more than ever, they may achieve their perfect look with the help of modern medical and cosmetic procedures. One of the fastest-growing specialties in the medical field is plastic surgery. Many individuals are unhappy with their looks, but thanks to cosmetic surgery, they may drastically alter their appearance without any outward trace of the procedure, such as a scar. But they can’t afford it in their hometown because of expensive treatments and the unavailability of the latest medical approach.


So medical tourism for plastic surgery has solved their problem and made these treatments available to them at a highly reasonable cost. The next step for a patient who wants cosmetic surgery is choosing the best medical tourism location. The trend of electing to have cosmetic surgery performed in a foreign country is growing. Cosmeticoplasty is one of Pakistan’s best locations for medical tourism for state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures. When it comes to rhinoplasty, gynecomastia, breast augmentation, body contouring and sculpting, hair transplants, etc., few physicians can compare to Dr Mustehsan, the best plastic surgeon in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I select the best clinic
for medical tourism?

Look for hospitals that have received recognition on a global
scale for their quality of care. See what their prior patients looked like before and after treatment.

How can I check whether an international
plastic surgeon is qualified?

Question the surgeon’s credentials and background before committing to surgery. Verify whether they are board-certified plastic surgeons or not.

What languages do the surgeon & staff speak?

The employees here for medical tourists are fluent in
English. However, you should check this in advance to avoid any misunderstandings.

How do I get ready for surgery
in a foreign country?

Plan for everything you arrive at and follow up on medical
treatment after surgery. Make sure you also have a way to get in touch with people at home.