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In the following images you can see how our patients looks before and after rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty Before and After

Get your nose in perfect shape by the
Best Rhinoplasty in Lahore, Pakistan.

Rhinoplasty surgery aims to improve the patient’s overall facial aesthetics by altering the nose’s bone structure and shape. The face is the most significant part of your body, and the nose reshaping treatment is the most demanding plastic surgery technique.

Thus, if you need the best rhinoplasty in Lahore, Cosmeticoplasty is the place that will take care of your desired results.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical nose reshaping treatment that can improve your nose’s look, feel, and function. It is the most common form of cosmetic surgery worldwide. Rhinoplasty in Pakistan has also become a top trend. You can get the desired shape and size of your nose with rhinoplasty surgery.

However, the success of the rhinoplasty treatment depends on the extraordinary ability of the best nose surgeon to comprehend the patient’s needs and desires fully. Therefore, at Cosmeticoplasty, we offer the best rhinoplasty in Lahore to give you what you dream of.

The rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore, Dr Mustehsan Bashir, can elevate or depress the nasal tip, depending on the patient’s requirement.

Rhinoplasty in Lahore: What to Expect? See a Real Patient’s Journey in this Video!

Thinking about a nose job in Lahore but feeling nervous? You’re not alone! This video shows the journey of a real person who came to our clinic, just like you might. See their amazing transformation and get the inside scoop on what it’s really like, step-by-step.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Lahore

Nose Surgery cost in Lahore is anywhere between 174,999 and 299,999 PKR. Some things to think aboutbefore getting a rhinoplasty are how long does the process typically take? The clinic or hospital where your rhinoplasty will be performed.The surgeon who operates on the nose (rhinoplasty surgeon).

The greater the difficulty or duration of an operation, the higher its cost. Moreover, revision rhinoplasty (done on patients who have already had nose surgery) is typically more complex and costly than the initial operation. However, when deciding on a rhinoplasty surgeon, remember that the most important factors are your confidence in and trust in the surgeon and his level of experience.

Whether you’re considering rhinoplasty for medical or aesthetic reasons, we’re here to help. Regarding nose jobs like rhinoplasty, we at Cosmeticoplasty are your best bet for top-notch results. The nose surgery cost in Lahore can swing widely depending on several factors, including the quality of the surgical centre, the number of patients seeking the surgery, the severity of their nasal issues, the degree of surgical complexity, and the skill of the best nose surgeon.

Liquid Or Non-Surgical
Rhinoplasty Cost

Depending on the need and the health of the nose, the cost of a liquid or non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Lahore can range from Rs.60,000 to Rs.75,000.

Surgical Rhinoplasty Cost

The average cost of surgical rhinoplasty in Lahore ranges from Rs. 200,000 to Rs. 250,000. Please be aware that these costs include the cost of anaesthesia and any medications required for the procedure.

Why Do You Need
A Nose Surgery?

Plastic surgery is purely for appealing details. Nose cartilage, bone, and other soft tissues are reshaped to get the best results. Rhinoplasty surgeon also considers your face and your skin’s condition. If he determines that you need nose reshaping treatment, he will create an effective treatment plan for you. The rhinoplasty procedure can alter the nose’s appearance and function precision.

Most rhinoplasty patients typically come with the following issues:

  • Size of the nose in both width and height
  • Deviation of the nose’s shape through rotation or curvature
  • Elevation changes or inclines
  • Nose length, width, and tip form

If you’re having trouble breathing, Dr Mustehsan at Cosmeticoplasty
can perform surgery on your nose to alter its appearance.


Who is the Ideal Candidate
for Nose Surgery?

Since rhinoplasty is the most challenging and adjustable plastic surgery treatment, a great success rate in Pakistan requires the most experienced and skilled nose surgeons. The best nose surgeon maintains the nose’s natural appearance while ensuring proper symmetry with the rest of the face. Nose reshaping treatment is typically performed on those who want to

  • Alter their nose’s appearance or shape
  • Adjust the nose’s deviation angle and get rid of stuffiness
    at the same time
  • Improve the results of a failed nasal operation in the past

Best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore

Rhinoplasty is ideal for individuals who are unsatisfied with the shape, size or contour of their nose and want to reshape it surgically. Here at Cosmeticoplasty, we have the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore, Dr Mustehsan Bashir, who is skilled in all nose jobs, including preservation rhinoplasty. The treatment we offer is always customized to the needs of every patient to get the desired rhinoplasty results.

Procedure For Rhinoplasty

An expert and skilful nose surgeon makes an incision in the columella (the space between the nostrils), which is then extended to the nasal septum during nose surgery.

  • The entire nose, from tip to side of the nostril, from base to the bony bridge, is laid bare before the surgeon.
  • With his exposure, the best nose surgeon uses his technical expertise to modify and reform the nasal architecture.
  • Nose reshaping treatment involves removing any excess bone or cartilage that may affect the nose’s aesthetic appearance or breathing.
  • The procedure straights out the nasal angle, septum, and bony protrusions. A typical surgical procedure of rhinoplasty in Lahore takes nearly 2 to 3 hours.
  • Furthermore, to correct structural problems in the nose, it is sometimes necessary to take cartilage from elsewhere in the body, such as the ear or the ribs.
  • When the nose surgeon makes all the adjustments, he’ll stitch
your nose and replace the tissues and skin.

Here at Cosmeticoplasty, we put the needs of our patients first and yield the best results. We are passionate about exceeding your expectations by meeting your needs and providing you with the highest quality care possible.

We’ve mastered the art and science of sculpting the ideal nose shape, therefore, we are among the few medical facilities to offer the best rhinoplasty in Pakistan. Dr Mustehsan Bashir offers the most effective rhinoplasty in Lahore for a natural, beautiful nose.

Open Rhinoplasty Vs Closed Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty

When we conduct the open rhinoplasty procedure, we create a small incision at the nose’s base, in between the nostrils. Large noses can be made smaller by a procedure called cosmetic rhinoplasty. In the procedure, the extra cartilage is removed. However, sometimes the nose is reshaped by adding some excess cartilage.

Closed Rhinoplasty

On the other hand, when we perform closed rhinoplasty, we ensure the incisions are closed adequately within the nose. Then, we lift the skin over the nasal bones and cartilage to restructure the nose to fit the rest of your face better.

Nose reshaping processes may include the use of cartilage grafts. If you want your nose to look its finest, Cosmeticoplasty has the top rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan.

Surgical Reduction of
the Nose Using Ultrasound

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty is a contemporary kind of Rhinoplasty in which we shape your nose without adding or removing any cartilage, bone, or other tissue. We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable and long-lasting nose job, ensuring a rhinoplasty success rate in Pakistan.Nose reshaping processes may include the use of cartilage grafts. If you want your nose to look its finest, Cosmeticoplasty has the top rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan.

Recovery Time

How long and difficult the road to recovery will be following surgery is a function of how extensive the operation was.

As a result of the anaesthetic medicines, you will not be able to drive yourself home. Depending on the nose reshaping treatment, you may or may not have a pack in your nose.

Surgical recovery is often uneventful, though a patient may experience a headache if the bone component is included in the procedure. Regular pain relievers are effective in alleviating discomfort. However, many people can stop using painkillers after the third day. Bruising, swelling and an altered sense of smell are also possible problems or side effects.

Risk and Complications of Rhinoplasty

  • Infection and Bleeding: Rhinoplasty risks infection at the surgical site and
post-operative bleeding.
  • Aesthetic Dissatisfaction: Asymmetry or unsatisfactory aesthetic results may lead
to dissatisfaction with the nose’s appearance.
  • Skin Complications: Scarring, discolouration, or numbness around the treated
area are possible outcomes.
  • Pre-existing Health Factors: Underlying health conditions can heighten the risk of complications during and after surgery.
  • Aftercare Importance: Proper post-operative care, following instructions & attending follow-up appointments are crucial for minimizing risks.
  • Anesthesia Reactions: Adverse reactions to anaesthesia, though rare, can occur
during or after the procedure.
  • Breathing Issues: Changes in the nasal structure can sometimes result in
breathing difficulties or nasal obstruction.
  • Revision Surgery: In some cases, a secondary surgery (revision rhinoplasty)
might be needed to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Surgeon Skill: Inexperienced surgeons may increase the risk of complications
and suboptimal results.
  • Informed Decision-making: Understanding potential risks empowers patients to make
informed decisions about undergoing rhinoplasty.


Why Choose
Cosmticoplasty For
The Best Nose Job
Surgery In Lahore?

At Cosmeticoplasty, the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore, Dr Mustehsan Bashir, offers affordable rhinoplasty surgery to improve your overall appearance. He alters your nose’s size, shape, or proportions using various sculpting methods. For him, the ideal surgical result looks completely natural.

Moreover, we specialize in reconstructive rhinoplasty, a technique that can restore your nose’s function and contour. Improving respiratory function or correcting abnormalities caused by injury, car accidents, or birth disorders is within our capabilities. We guarantee the structural integrity of your nose and its ability to breathe normally with advanced nose reshaping treatment.

Who is Dr Mustehsan Bashir?

Dr Mustehsan Bashir, the founder of Cosmeticoplasty, is an adept surgeon, empathetic professor, and dedicated researcher. Proficient in both surgical and non-surgical procedures like rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and liposuction, he also prioritizes burn prevention awareness through educating schoolchildren. With over 16 years of surgical experience, his commitment is unwavering. Holding a PhD in Plastic Surgery with a focus on Signature facial rejuvenation therapy, earned from Pakistan’s esteemed King Edward Medical University in 2018, he stands as the sole PhD Plastic surgeon in the country. He aims to enhance lives and enable patients to embrace their best selves.

Basic Post-Operative Surgical
Instructions of Rhinoplasty

After undergoing rhinoplasty, adhering to post-operative instructions is pivotal for a
smooth recovery and optimal results. Here are essential guidelines to follow:

Care for Incisions

Keep the incision area clean and dry. Follow the surgeon’s guidelines for cleaning and dressing changes.

Rest and Healing

Allow yourself ample rest in the initial days post-surgery to aid the healing process.


Keep your head elevated while resting to minimize swelling and promote better circulation.

Avoid Touching

Refrain from touching or picking at the surgical area to prevent infection or disturbance to the healing tissues.

Nasal Care

Gently clean the inside of your nostrils as directed by your surgeon to prevent infection and aid breathing.

Cold Compress

Applying cold compresses as advised can help reduce swelling and discomfort.


Understand that swelling and bruising will gradually subside, and the final results may take time to manifest fully.

Avoid Strenuous

Avoid vigorous exercise or heavy lifting for the recommended period to prevent strain on the surgical area.


Take prescribed medications as directed, including pain relievers and antibiotics.

& Nutrition

Maintain proper hydration and consume nutritious meals to support healing.


I underwent a recent procedure with Dr. Mustehsan Bashir, and I’m delighted with the results of my rhinoplasty. His professionalism is exceptional, and he genuinely prioritizes his patients’ well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Cosmeticoplasty to anyone in need. Thank you, Dr. Mustehsan.

Dr. Mustehsan Bashir maintained a moderate attitude. He provided clear anticipations, leaving no room for unexpected outcomes. He and his team upheld the utmost professionalism, ensuring comprehensive attention to detail and allowing me to focus entirely on my recovery. I’m incredibly content with the outcome.

I underwent a recent procedure with Dr. Mustehsan Bashir, and I’m delighted with the results of my rhinoplasty. His professionalism is exceptional, and he genuinely prioritizes his patients’ well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Cosmeticoplasty to anyone in need. Thank you, Dr. Mustehsan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rhinoplasty, often referred to as a nose job, ranks among the most sought-after facial plastic surgeries performed annually in Pakistan.

Common reasons for seeking rhinoplasty include; nasal bridge hump, prominent radix, bulbous nasal tip, huge nose, crooked nose and over or under-rotated nasal tip.

While rhinoplasty may yield an appearance that seems 2 to 3 years younger, it’s not primarily performed for anti-ageing purposes.

For some individuals, the nose might undergo enlargement due to the natural ageing process. Rhinophyma, a persistent skin condition more prevalent in men, can lead to the development of a prominent and bulbous nose.

Rhinoplasty is the most effective and lasting solution for reducing nose size. It may contribute to enhancing your overall outlook.

Following rhinoplasty, swelling during initial recovery might temporarily influence upper lip appearance. The upper lip can be positively affected if the procedure involves lifting the nasal tip.