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Burns are horrific injuries that can have a severe physiological as well as a psychological impact on the patient’s health and wellbeing, causing significant functional and aesthetic problems. At Cosmeticoplasty, we have the best burn surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan, to restore your functional abilities and improve your aesthetic appearance.

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Burns are responsible for a huge number of deaths around the globe
as well as a prominent factor of causing permanent and temporary
disabilities in many. Burns is one of the most commonly occurring
accidents in homes and industry, and good education and
awareness about it can the first step in decreasing its frequency.

Following are main three types of burns;

Thermal burns
(flash, flames, scalds, contact burns, and tar burns.)

Chemical burns
(sodium hypochlorite, phenol (carbolic acid), white phosphorus,
sulphuric acid, sulfur mustard)

Electrical burns
( high voltage current, low voltage current, lightning)

We provide you burn treatment in Lahore, Pakistan being the best burn unit in Lahore, and classify burn injuries according to their depth and severity. Also we perform reconstructive surgery for serious burns. Our burn unit Lahore provides reconstructive burn surgery treatment in Lahore to reduce the scarring and improve your aesthetic appearance. We give our best in rejuvenating and reconditioning your wound to bring back your smile. At Cosmeticoplasty, we have the best burn surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan, to ensure successful results.

Timing for Burn Treatment by
The Best Burn Surgeon

Loss of functions and scarring are common in all seriously burnt patients and yet unique to each.

Large scars that compromise your vital functions need immediate surgical intervention. At
Cosmeticoplasty, we have the best burn surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan to restore your form and function
and bring you back not only physically but also psychologically.

We as a successful burn centre Lahore classify performing burn treatment into three categories;

Urgent burn treatment

We perform urgent burn treatment in
Lahore immediately after the acute
management of the wound to
correct a deformity or to provide
coverage for the exposed or severely
damaged vital structure to preserve
the function and prevent further
damage. E.g., Neck contractures that
are compromising the airway.

Essential burn treatment

We provide essential burn treatment in
Lahore to help with
non-life-threatening function and
rehabilitation. Mature burn scar
contractures do not respond to
physical therapy, and splinting
affecting your mobility making it more
painful and difficult for you to do the
daily tasks. E.g., joint contractures.

Desirable burn treatment

We carry out desirable burn
treatment in Lahore to improve the
aesthetic and functional aspect of
the burn injury, causing tightness,
pain, or discomfort. We perform late
procedures after burn scar
maturation. e.g., reconstruction of the face.

Burn Surgery Procedures by the
Best Burn Surgeon at Cosmeticoplasty

Due to the advances in the materials and methods for the management of burns, we as the best burn unit in Lahore have various techniques for successful reconstructive surgery to improve your quality of life and decrease the size and appearance of scars. At Cosmeticoplasty, we have the best burn surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan, to restore your appearance and functionality and provide you with the best possible outcome.

Skin Grafting

We perform skin grafting to cover the burn area after cleaning the wound in order to prevent infections, scarring, stiffness and to promote fast rehabilitation.

Most commonly, we use autografts to remove the skin from one area of the body and transplant it to the injured area to cover exposed tissues, tendons, and bones. Artificial grafts and allografts, i.e., taking healthy skin from another person, are also used.

We take two types of skin grafts depending upon the thickness;

Full-thickness skin graft (FTSGs)

Split thickness skin graft (STSGs)

Both of these grafts have different advantages, and we apply them according to the individual needs and circumstances and use the correct option for you depending upon the size and severity of your wound.

Skin Substitutes

We use skin substitutes in order to provide a covering for the wound by producing new skin using burn treatment. This skin engineering is very revolutionary as it can provide cover for large areas of tissue damage where more than 50% of the skin is damaged by the injury.

We use the following skin substitutes in which the material used for tissue engineering is made up of extracellular matrix, or their combination.

Epidermal substitutes

Dermal substitutes

Dermo-epidermal substitutes

We use skin substitutes for permanent use as well as temporary use prior to the application of skin grafts or flaps.


We perform microsurgery to re-attach a lost finger, toe, ear, or lip. We use a microscope to sew
tiny blood vessels and nerves, allowing them to repair and heal.

Flap Surgery

We use flap reconstruction to repair deep defects were only replacing the skin cannot serve the purpose. We use flap covers when the bulk is needed; it can include skin, fat, fascia, and sometimes even muscle. We surgically remove tissue along with its blood supply from one part of the body and transfer it to another area to replace the lost tissue.

We use several methods for providing flap surgery, including

Free flaps

Distant flaps

Local flaps

Z-plasty principle etc

Regional flaps

best burn surgeon

Tissue Expansion

We use tissue expansion to gradually expand an area in order to grow extra skin through controlled mechanical tissue expansion to use in reconstructive procedures anywhere on the body. We accomplish this by inserting a silicone balloon expander under the skin near the damaged area. We add the saline solution to the balloon expander allowing it to increase in size slowly, causing the skin to stretch and grow. And when enough skin has been grown, we use it to correct or reconstruct the damaged area.

Our primary aim is to restore your function and aesthetics. According to your individual needs, we select the right procedure or sometimes a combination of procedures to serve your customized goal. At Cosmeticoplasty, we have the best burn surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan, to help you regain your lost self.

Stay Hopeful with the Best Burn Surgeon

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery gives hope to the burn patient. Psychological distress and debilitating complications are most frequent in burn injuries. We take into consideration your pain and try to provide our best to ease your physical as well as mental struggle.

Dr. Mustehsan Bashir, as the best burn surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan, runs the best burn centre Lahore who aims to give his best to restore and rebuild your lost function and reshape your tomorrow.


Can burn victims get plastic surgery?

Yes. Performing Reconstructive burn surgery after burn injury is a standard protocol done to regain the normal function and appearance of the skin as much as possible.

What is reconstructive burn surgery?

Reconstructive burn surgery is performed to improve the function and cosmetic appearance of burn scars. This includes altering scar tissue using different techniques like grafting, flaps, tissue expansion, etc. following are the goals of reconstructive burn surgery;

  • Achieve wound closure
  • Prevention of infections
  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Re-establish tissue loss
  • Decrease functional restrictions and contractions

What happens in plastic surgery for burns?

Basically, in plastic surgery for burns, the burnt skin and tissues are replaced with healthy skin and tissues to improve the appearance and function of the burned area.

When is reconstructive burn surgery needed?

Fortunately, most burn injuries are minor and require only first aid treatment. However, burns that are deep and affect a large area of the body are far more serious and can be life-threatening, and can involve intensive care treatment and several operations. The seriousness of a burn injury is determined by

  • How much area is burned (body surface area BSA)
  • Prevention of infections
  • Age and general health of the burn victim

What is burn contracture?

A contracture is a serious complication of a burn. If you get a contracture, you are not able to move the scarred area normally. Contracture occurs when burn scars thicken, mature, and tighten. They can prevent movement and make daily functions extremely difficult to perform. They usually occur when a burn injury covers a joint.

Can burn surgery treat burn contractures?

Yes. Once established, burn contractures can be corrected with reconstructive burn surgery using different techniques, including serial splinting, the release of contracting bands with Z plasties, incision and skin grafting, excision, and resurfacing with skin grafts or flaps, free flaps reconstructions, or using tissue expanders.

Can plastic surgery treat the burn scars of the face?

Yes. Facial reconstruction surgery is performed to regain both the function and appearance of facial features.

How long is the healing period of skin grafts?

The donor site of the graft heals within one to two weeks. The graft site will be covered with a sterile dressing until the graft has connected with the surrounding blood supply, which usually takes up to five to ten days. A bandage is also placed at the donor site of the graft to provide protection. At first, the color of the grafted skin may appear red or purple, but it will start to look like the surrounding skin over time. It can take up to a year or two for the final appearance to settle down.

When is the tissue expansion technique used in burn reconstruction surgery?

In tissue expansion, extra skin is grown by stretching the tissues; it is used in case of large burn wounds when your body does not have enough amount of normal skin to use as grafts.

What skin changes to expect after plastic surgery for burns?

Be patient with your healing after plastic surgery to repair burns. You will notice changes in the color, appearance, and feel of your skin at the surgical site. You might also experience some tingling, numbness, pain, or minimal feeling around your incisions. This is normal, and it will continue to improve in the next few months.

What should be the expectations in terms of treatment and outcome of plastic surgery for burns?

Plastic surgery for burn injury has proven to be very successful as it has shown dramatic results in many cases. The amount of treatment required and the recovery period depends upon the severity of burns, your age, and general overall health. Patients with major burns can need many procedures to improve their function or appearance.

How long the recovery takes after-burn reconstruction surgery?

What you experience after a serious burn depends largely on the extent of damage and severity of your skin. For a minimum of three to four weeks after the surgery, you will need to avoid any activities that could stretch or injure the site. According to your specific situation, your plastic surgeon will guide you to resume your normal activities. For the skin to get back to normal varies from person to person; roughly, it can take anywhere from one to two years, more or less, to restore the function and appearance completely.