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Let’s give you a Refreshed
Look with the Best Facelift Surgery

Do you look in the mirror and do not recognize yourself anymore? Have your face started to make you feel more tired and old? Worry no more; we can give a lift to all those wrinkles with the best facelift surgery to make you feel at home with yourself.

A facelift, also called rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure meant to improve and reduce the visible effects of aging your face and neck to create a younger and refreshed appearance. At Cosmeticoplasty, we provide the best facelift surgery in Lahore to lift and tighten the saggy skin and loose soft tissues on your face and neck, giving you a more younger, more refreshed, and less tired appearance.

Would you like to Make a
Positive change in your life
with the Best Facelift Surgery?

With the normal process of aging, our skin begins to sag, wrinkle, and droop, and sometimes it can end up making you feel a lot older than you actually are and thereby affect your quality of life. At Cosmeticoplasty, we would like to help you combat this problem by providing you with the best facelift surgery in Lahore so that nothing can stop you from being the best version of yourself.

Repairing your loose skin
with the best facelift surgery

With time as we age, our bodies become unable to produce high levels of collagen, which results in droopy and worn-out skin, giving you a tired appearance. We perform the facelift procedure to trim and tighten your facial skin to restore a youthful and natural look.

Let’s Get Rid of All Those Lines on Your Face with The Best Facelift Surgery

It doesn’t matter if you are worried about forehead lines or lip lines, worry lines or laugh lines,crows feet, or marionette lines; we’ve got you covered. At Cosmeticoplasty,we are well-equipped to get rid of all those wrinkles and creases for you to improve the contour of your face and tighten your facial structure so you can have the skin you want to see in the mirror each day.

Double chin and you?
That’s a no-no!

One of the bothersome features of the face is a double chin for many of us. Genetics, lifestyle, weight, or aging can lead to the formation of double chin and jowls in many people, and most of us want to get rid of it and enjoy a chiseled jawline. At Cosmeticoplasty, we provide the best facelift surgery in Lahore to remove fat and loose skin around the chin and neck so you can enjoy your streamlined profile.

Get your Facelift for
Natural-looking results

With newer techniques and accuracy, facelift performed by the experts gives the most natural and ageless skin. We meticulously trim the extra skin and tighten your loose facial structure to take off years from your face. At Cosmeticoplasty, we ensure natural-looking and long-lasting results by providing you the best facelift surgery in Lahore. Our patients relish their results as we carefully restore their natural facial profile and preserve a younger-looking appearance and send them on their way to age gracefully.

Look Energetic

Let’s face it, our society values youth and energy more, and it affects the quality of life in many people. With sagging facial skin and other signs of aging on your face, you can easily appear fatigued and tired in spite of all the energy and motivation you have. Although it is impossible to naturally turn back time, at Cosmeticoplasty, we do our very best to give you more years of youthful and active life.

Our procedures for best facelift surgery

Rhytidectomy literally means removal of wrinkles, rhyte means wrinkle, and ectomy means removal. A rhyte or wrinkle is the creases in the skin that occurs due to a variety of reasons. When it comes to facial procedures, we divide your face into three anatomical areas;

  • The upper face
  • The midface
  • The lower and lateral face

We have different techniques for the facelift procedures performed under twilight or general anesthesia to restructure and reshape your facial structures depending upon your goals and condition.

Traditional facelift

We perform a traditional facelift by making an incision that follows your hairline from the forehead, around the back of your ears, and then down to the lower scalp. Then we proceed to raise the skin from your face to reposition the underlying muscles and tissues. We might remove or redistribute the fat tissues residing in your face and neck and trim any excess skin in order to contour your face and give you a more youthful and natural appearance.

Mid facelift

A mid-facelift also called a cheek lift, does not impact the jawline or forehead. We perform this procedure to tighten any loose skin from the upper mouth to the lower eye area. It helps you achieve a more plump appearance in the cheeks and a less sunken look under the eyes. At Cosmeticoplasty, we provide the best facelift surgery in Lahore to give you a more blossoming and refreshed facial profile.

Mini facelift

At Cosmeticoplasty, we perform a mini facelift by making small incisions in your hairline to lift the underlying loose soft tissues, fix saggy jowls, remove excess skin and lift the lower half of your face resulting in a smooth and flawless jawline.

Deep plane Facelift

We perform a deep plane facelift to reverse the effects of gravity by manipulating and elevating the deep soft tissues in the mid-face and neck for a more satisfying and younger appearance with long-lasting results.

SMAS facelift

The underlying structures of your face, called superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), a layer of muscles that are involved in facial expressions. With time, these muscles lose elasticity causing visible signs of aging on your face.

Short scar facelift

Also known as MACS facelift, it is a less invasive procedure; at Cosmeticoplasty, we perform this technique by inserting endoscope via small incisions just behind the hairline to lift the soft tissues of the face and reposition them to reshape your facial profile.

Subcutaneous Facelift

We perform a subcutaneous facelift, also called a skin-only facelift, specifically for the removal and repositioning of excess skin. We make subcutaneous dissection to manipulate the skin. It is recommended in patients with good facial structure and less fat accumulation in the face for improving skin vitality. This is a less common procedure, but it’s proven to be very effective in patients with pseudoxanthoma elasticum.

Make a profound difference in your life!

Wrinkles and droopy skin are a natural part of aging and are most prominent on your face. Your face is sometimes considered as the doorway to your soul, and while you may feel young and energetic at your heart, your skin and wrinkles would tell a different story. Getting a facelift surgery can take years off your skin and reflect how you feel inside. The skills and expertise of your doctor make a huge difference in the success of your procedure. Dr. Mustehsan Bashir is the only Ph.D. plastic surgeon in Pakistan right now, and he aims to deliver the best facelift surgery in Lahore to refine and rejuvenate your looks and add life to your years.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is some genuine reason to know when you need a facelift.

  • You might want to consider getting a facelift if you have sagging skin that easily pulls away from your face and neck and hangs loosely.
  • Visible muscles in the neck cause banding in your neck
  • Extra fat in the neck
  • Loss of clear border between face and neck,
  • Deep lines from the corner of your mouth to the jaw
  • Lines from nose to the corners of your mouth, and visible jowls.

The whole procedure can take anywhere between two to five hours; there are different techniques to perform a facelift, but the following is done;

  • Sculpt or remove facial fat
  • Reposition underlying tissues
  • Lift facial muscles

Fat injections can help restore the lost volume to correct the sunken look as the face frequently deflates and collapses inwards as much as it drops with age.

This depends upon which type of facelift you have had. Very small incisions are used in all facelifts, and they are concealed in your hairline, natural contours of your face and behind the ears to reduce the visibility of scars. With time these scars fade and blend in with your natural skin colour.

There is no best facelift procedure because the right procedure for you depends upon your facial anatomy, skin and desired goals. If one procedure looks good on someone, that doesn’t mean it is right for everyone.

There is no best facelift procedure because the right procedure for you depends upon your facial anatomy, skin and desired goals. If one procedure looks good on someone, that doesn’t mean it is right for everyone.

Yes. In most cases, a lower facelift comprises your neck as well

Yes. You can have a neck lift as a separate procedure.

A facelift mainly targets your face and partly improves your neck’s appearance as well. Whereas a neck lift only focuses on restoring the younger appearance of your neck.

A facelift helps in skin rejuvenation and can take almost 10-15 years off your face. Still, a facelift is not the right treatment for superficial wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, creases around the nose and upper lip, or skin irregularities.

No. There exists no such thing as a non-surgical facelift as they cannot provide the same results as a traditional facelift. For example, fillers can restore some volume and reduce wrinkles, but the results are not long-lasting, and they cannot elevate the sagging skin, remove excess skin or fat, and tighten facial structures. However, non-surgical alternatives can provide a good temporary solution for some mild to moderate ageing signs

Dermal fillers can restore volume, reduce wrinkles and plump up the skin, and are useful in younger patients. But the results of fillers last up to six months, and overuse of fillers can cause filler fatigue. On the other hand, a facelift is a good option for you if you are looking for a long-lasting treatment and want to get rid of hanging skin, extra fat, double chin, and jowls.

No, if you don’t want to. Getting another facelift procedure after some years is always your own choice. You can get one if you feel like it or not get another one if you don’t want to.

No. laser treatment can remove broken capillaries and brown spots, but they cannot lift the sagging skin and tighten the skin as much as a facelift can.

No. Blepharoplasty and brow lift is performed to improve eyes, eyebrows, and forehead. These procedures can be combined with a facelift or performed separately, depending upon what you need. 

You look better for the rest of your life; it’s not as if the results of facelift go away one day, and you look as if you never had one. On the contrary, a Facelift provides long-lasting results that can last up to 15-20 years. The only thing that prevents it from providing permanent results is the ageing process.